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  • Designed for Kids

    We design fun cartoon and animal prints on our baby and toddler products.

  • Safety First

    Our products are made with soft fabrics and high-quality materials, safe for kids.

  • Sustainably Made

    Our long-term mission is to deliver earth-friendly and reusable fashion clothing.

  • Value for Money

    We offer high-quality baby & toddler products at affordable price.

Proudly Australian Made & Owned

We, Aussie Mums, offer high-quality baby and toddler products at affordable prices. Find every essential for your kids at Oz Sheep Tight from sleep suits, swimwear, reusable nappies, lunch boxes to kids room decoration


Enjoy 10% off on sleep suits for orders over $50

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Training Pants

Discover the perfect blend of comfort and convenience with our premium ozsheeptight training pants. Designed to make potty training a breeze, our training pants provide a secure fit, absorbent core, and leak-proof protection. Help your little one transition with confidence while enjoying the freedom of movement.

Lunch Box & Bag

Are you searching for a durable and practical lunch box for your little ones? Look no further than our Leakproof Kids Lunch Box and Thermos. The innovative lunch box is designed to keep your child's meals fresh, organized, and mess-free throughout the day.
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